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P.O. Box 15105
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96830

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Built Environments Lab for
Applied Theory, Culture, and Design


P.O. Box 15105
Honolulu, HI 96830

Social: @afteroceanic

AFTEROCEANIC (After Oceanic, or “AO”) is a nimble and adaptive experimental design practice focused on empowering culture and intellect in Native built environments using, art, design, and strategic cartography. Afteroceanic researches, organizes, and exchanges spatialized cultural knowledge with diverse stakeholders to look to the past, innovate in the present, improve our future wellbeing, and reflect upon and share any results.


Built Environments Lab
Afteroceanic works with their stakeholders to produce and promote artist-driven spatialized knowledge about the design and recovery of built environments. We specifically adapt to serve place-based approaches to data, design, and planning, incorporating ten culturally responsive services: 

Architectural Futurism & Design
Data Analysis and Visualization
Forensic & Spatial Modeling
Landscape and Regional Planning
GIS Sciences
3D Modeling and Fabrication
Land Use Analysis and Historic Representation
Curriculum Design and Development
Organizational Development and Strategy
Theory, Innovation, and Activism

Established in Honolulu in 2010 by Sean Connelly, Afteroceanic Inc. grew from a socially driven, activist-inspired initiative to support the artist's mission to advance the use of radical geospatial intelligence for the recovery and protection of Native cartographies and built environments.

Afteroceanic operates as the imprint of a studio driven art practice providing professional services on a contractual basis to those in need of intimately localized, sophisticated, and globally informed expertise grounded in the intellect of Hawai‘i history and biocultural movement. For more information on the impact of Afteroceanic, read more about the artist Sean Connelly, who advocates for land reparations, climate justice, food sovereignty, material innovation, and Native cultural excellence.


Built Environments Lab for Applied Theory, Culture, and Design

Design, Landscape, Planning

Hui Mālama I Ke Ala ‘Ūlili (HuiMAU) Masterplan
Scope: Design Services, Lease Negotiations, Land Use Consulting.

Afteroceanic continues to assist with this project for a Native Hawaiian community-based nonprofit organization, HuiMAU—whose mission is to re-establish the systems that sustain our community through educational initiatives and land-based practices that cultivate abundance, regenerate responsibilities, and promote collective health and well-being.

Kaumaui Learning Lab Masterplan + Building Concept

Mālama Loko Ea Fishpond Maserplan + Building Concept

Mākena Golf and Beach Club Affordable Housing Project
Scope: Advocacy, Site Analysis, Design Services, EIS

Afteroceanic works directly with the developer team in service of the community implementation of prior settlement agreements between the developer and grassroots groups amid ongoing negotiations to design and implement sustainable local affordable housing options and ecological restoration for Maui’s contentious booming resort area.

Data Analysis, Mapping, and Strategy

Consuelo Foundation Hawai‘i State Child Abuse and Neglect 1992-2016 Mapping Study
Scope: Strategic planning, Data Analysis, Spatial Modeling.
Afteroceanic regularly works with Consuelo Foundation toward their mission to prevent and treat abuse, neglect and exploitation of children, women and families in the Philippines and in Hawai‘i. For this mapping study, the Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS) Chapter 350 defines child abuse and neglect and assigns the Department of Human Service to receive and investigate reports of child abuse and neglect and to maintain a central registry of reported child abuse and neglect cases. Afteroceanic designed and directed the creation of the novel zip code level dataset combined with geospatial infographics to better understand health and abuse across the Hawaiian Islands.

Healthcare Association of Hawai‘i Community Health Needs Assessment Spatial Mapping
Scope: Research & Analysis, Community Engagement, Spatial Modeling.

Featuring excerpts of the artist’s concept Hawai‘i Health Atlas, Afteroceanic provided innovative graphics from the atlas to help produce the Hawaii Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) Report required by the IRS for all U.S. private nonprofit hospitals to conduct every three years. The Healthcare Association of Hawai‘i consolidates reporting for the State of Hawai‘i to identify significant health needs in the community, based upon the input of key stakeholders and community members, available research, and other data points.

Institutional Work / Undercommons

Hawai‘i Nonlinear Architecture (501c3 nonprofit)

HAWAI‘I NONLINEAR is a nonprofit public art and stewardship project caring for the wellbeing of Native built environments across Pae ‘Āina Hawai‘i (Hawaiian Islands). We create critical conversations around the past, present, and future of recovering Indigenous regenerative places centering the cultural resurgence of art, architecture, and decolonial education in Hawai‘i. We supports practitioners leading in culture, food, sovereignty, and land justice, with the ultimate goal of transforming Hawai‘i built environments with Native intellect and advancement to overcome the physical barriers that prevent sustenance, which formed across the Hawaiian Islands through generations of settler colonialism, ecological devastation, and racial injustice over the past 125 years.

‘Āinavis Data Charrette

Hawai‘i Futures Studios

Harvard GSD, Office of Metropolitan Architecture, UH Manoa, GSAPP, UTSOA, MIT, Leong Leong

Design Studies & Cultural Production

Lego Ahupua‘a

‘Āina Holodeck

Moku Table

Native Material Studies



P.O. Box 15105
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96830

AFTEROCEANIC, INC. is the imprint of artist Sean Connelly. AO supports and enables the artist to extend their creative impact at the scale of the built environment, both independently and collaboratively.

Please inquire for more information, or to brainstorm innovative budgets and projects.

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